EM Auto Sales Michigan Salvage Yard

EM Auto Sales is the leading provider of used cars and used car parts in the Detroit area. If you haven’t had a chance to visit us yet, bring the kids and have a day you won’t forget. As one of the area’s top scrap yards Michigan residents know that no matter what they need, we either have it on hand or we can get it for them. Check out some other reasons why you should choose us.

Do Your Part to Save the Environment

Did you know that the amount of waste in the United States just keeps growing year after year? While some items are biodegradable and break down in the soil, metals and other materials retain their shapes for centuries. Instead of buying a new part and adding to the waste in the country, stop in and get the part you need from us. When it comes to scrap yards Detroit residents will feel confident that they can do their part to save the environment by working with us.

Find the Part You Need

With other salvage yards Michigan car owners know that those yards care more about the bottom line and less about their needs. While we want to make money, we also want to help you with your needs. You can stop by Monday through Saturday when our junkyard is open to meet with one of our mechanics. Ask questions about repairing your car, get advice on what you need to do next and find help locating the part or parts you need in our salvage yard. If you want, you can even have the mechanic install that part for you.

Work with a Local Company

If you live in Detroit or one of the surrounding cities, you have a number of choices when it comes to junk yards. When looking through the phone book for salvage yards Michigan residents often find that some companies advertise in the Detroit area but are actually on the other side of the state. We’re close enough that you can stop in on your lunch hour or on your way home from work.

Improve the Economy

The only way the country can succeed is if people start shopping in America. Why buy products from China or another foreign country? You can stop in our junkyard, find the part that you need and leave knowing that you did your part to help save the community. Stimulating the economy is on the minds of people across the country, and buying local is a simple way to help the economy.

Purchase a Newer Car

With other scrap yards Detroit shoppers often find that these lots only have old junkers and beaters available. We offer a wide range of vehicles including those that are in perfect running condition. When the cost of repairing your car won’t fit in your budget, you might find that you can buy a car from us for much less than the cost of that repair. At other junk yards Detroit shoppers risk throwing away money on a car that won’t even drive off the lot, but we have dozens of choices. Whether you want a car you can repair and fix up with your son or something you can drive to work tomorrow, we have it.

Bring the Kids

If you haven’t visited our car lot lately, you’ll understand why so many scrap yards Michigan shoppers come to us with their kids. The hit Disney film “Cars” and its sequel introduced a new generation of kids to the wonders of cars. We have a number of tow trucks in our yard that bring in cars from our customers, and we made one of those cars look just like Mater, one of the most popular characters from those films. With other junk yards Detroit shoppers just want to get in and get out as fast as possible, but when you come to EM Auto Sales, you’ll want to stick around.